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Is It Safe To Buy Youtube Views?

Let’s face it – in today’s world, where competition reigns supreme, we all need a lot of views on our YouTube videos – and what’s more, we need them as soon and as fast as possible.

So what’s the best way to achieve this goal?

Buying YouTube Views, of course! It is obviously one of the easiest, quickest, and most popular ways of increasing the number of views on your videos.

But that’s not all, folks. Be warned, because buying YouTube Views can have VERY negative consequences if you have no idea where and from whom you are really buying from, since every view is different and unique.

So, if you really want success on YouTube WITHOUT falling in trouble, you must be sure that the views you purchase are genuinely REAL, and not scams, cons and fakes.

While there are many bad eggs out there, there are also a good number of genuinely good services from which you can really benefit!!

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Buy real Safe Youtube Views at Social Boom

So, first and foremost, should you, or should you not buy YouTube Views?

Let’s be frank here. Buying views for YouTube is a shortcut, so that you can save the time and energy on marketing your YouTube videos the conventional way.

Borrowing from our professional experience, we can say that while buying views can definitely make it much simpler and faster to market YouTube Videos, it can prove to be very critical, should you not follow the right pathways or are unable to distinguish cheap providers with bad reputations from the genuinely good ones.

Therefore, opting for the appropriate YouTube Marketing Company, that will safely provide your views, help market your videos to the intended audience and get you the exact amount of exposure you require is the real key to gaining the eventual success you ultimately desire!!

Therefore, in order to allow you to make an informed and educated decision, we have made a little list of the Pros and Cons of buying views on YouTube, so that you can then decide whether doing so would fall in your best interests.

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Remember, that everything has two sides to it, just like a coins. And this especially applies to the YouTube Views market.

Being the topmost experts and specialists in marketing when it comes to YouTube views, we know very well on the things that maximize the popularity of your YouTube videos – and the things that don’t.

Here is our carefully put-together list of Pros and Cons for your to read.


– There is no better way of giving a great start to your YouTube video. Buying saves you the time and trouble to start from an absolute zero and work all your way up to the top.

– It is a good way to boost your social credibility. Simply put, having a few (hundred, maybe?) YouTube views can actually help you look better and more reputable as compared to other beginners, which means that more people become more likely to look at you in a serious light, watch your videos and may even be willing to purchase from you, should you decide to sell anything.

– Of course, it comes as no surprise that internet marketing campaigns are far more effective than their conventional counterparts. Therefore, if you look more reputable, your marketing campaigns will automatically be more effective.

– More views, means that your online conversions and sales grow by an average of 27%, in terms of Leads as well as eCommerce. Not only that, it also leads to an increase in the number of “organic” YouTube views by an average of 40%. The view count, in turn, easily portrays the fact that your video is genuinely worth watching.

– Not only is your rank better on a search, more views on your video makes it far more likely for YouTube to suggest your video to viewers to watch, which only attracts further views. The more the merrier!!

And now, for the cons:

– As useful as YouTube views are, they are not topic-oriented. So though it is simple enough to target by a more-or-less general area, the sad truth is that most of the views you end up purchasing do not directly give you better conversions or leads. That’s not to say, however, that there are no exceptions.

– While you may get the much-needed “boost”, you are still required to market your video and get your intended audience involved in the process to get to your desired level of success.

– Buying views for your YouTube videos is not exactly the most ethical of practices – which is why you must always be discreet about it. And besides, there is no dearth of scams out there – dodgy service providers who charge excess amount of money for low-quality, cheap views. Not to mention, these views might as well turn out to be bot-delivered, which can have very dire consequences for your video, and even your account (such as your video being removed and your account getting banned).

Which brings us to our main question – Should you buy YouTube views?

Well, the simple answer is – Yes, of course!!

Buying views for your YouTube video is more like having a self-start on your motorcycle – since you didn’t have to spend all that time and energy build up your views from scratch, your video has a fair amount of popularity, and a better rank on search engines.

What’s more, it leads to YouTube being more likely and more often to suggest your video, which will lead to more views. Win-win!!

If you’re worried about whether it works or not, forget it. We have tried and tested it. Take it from us – IT WORKS.

So are you ready to buy your very first package of YouTube views?

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And can you get in trouble by doing so?

Well, no.

Surprised, right? Don’t be. Here’s why..

While buying YouTube views may not please YouTube itself, you cannot exactly get banned, or your video cannot get removed should you make the decision to buy views.

Should the worst happen, i.e. if YouTube does detect the ingenuity of your views (which is the case if you have a cheap provider), you will end up losing all of your precious views – and will have to start from scratch again.

So How Can One Get More Organic Views?

Yes, indeed – buying YouTube views can – and does give your video the much-needed boost, and saves you the time to have to start from zero. But that’s not all, folks!!

You must understand that there are many other ways in which you can get exposure – and ultimately more views; and buying views is simply a means to help you get there.

So, for your convenience, SocialBoom have put together the best way – creative, effective (definitely!), yet easy – that you can use to market your YouTube videos, increase your views and ultimately build the enviable subscriber base you always wanted!

Start Ranking by Optimising Your Video!!

Believe it or not, the best way you can get views for your video is not by making it go viral – its by the way it appears on a search.

Let us explain – Going viral will get you popularity, but that will be very short-lived – just like a one hit wonder; only here, it will be in terms of views.

But if your video ranks high on popular and relevant keywords, that will ensure that it keeps bringing more and more viewers to your video for a long time.

Therefore, if you want to rank high, you must optimise your YouTube video with those keywords that will be most helpful.

Confused? Don’t be…We have actually created an easy-to-understand guide on how you should go about optimising your video.

Are you second guessing yourself?

We highly recommend you don’t!! While buying YouTube videos can most certainly be beneficial, it is, after all a “boost” – and you are certainly under no compulsion to use such services if you don’t want to!!

However, you can still benefit from our guides to achieving YouTube fame – complete with likes and views – naturally.

Don’t forget to check out our tips and advice section for getting organic YouTube views – an essential read for anyone who needs to get their game started on YouTube.